Adverse weather needn’t dampen your driving spirit. Whether travelling on rain-soaked motorway or traversing snowy country lanes, our intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive system will make your journey more enjoyable, whatever the weather.

Thu 29 July 2021


BMW xDrive adapts continuously, transferring power across every wheel to deliver optimum traction when you need it most. From the dynamic BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch through to the luxurious BMW 7 Series, you’ll find BMW xDrive in more than 140 BMW models. Whether dynamic, sporty or elegant, each of our BMW xDrive models allow you to experience unbridled driving pleasure.

Are all-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and 4x4 the same? Yes, however, not all systems are as advanced as BMW xDrive.

Who needs 4-wheel drive? If you’re travelling over slippery surfaces – from wet grass to snowy roads – you may need a 4-wheel drive. If you’d like the peace of mind that your car will give you the ultimate grip in all weathers, you may need a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Who makes 4-wheel drive vehicles? BMW makes 4-wheel drive vehicles, both road cars with four-wheel drive, and a range of SUVs in our X Series range.

Why do some 4-wheel drive models sit higher? Some 4-wheel drive vehicles have bigger wheels and some have more ground clearance, both of which will make a car sit higher.

What BMW 4-wheel drive car can I get on Motability? The BMW 120d xDrive 5-door Sports Hatch is available on Motability. You may also want to consider the BMW X1 from our range of SUVs.

Motability Car Scheme

Why do 4-wheel drive models use more fuel? The extra mechanical parts needed to transfer the drive to all four wheels adds weight, which in turn requires more fuel.

Are 4-wheel drive models expensive to maintain? No. With BMW Service Inclusive, there need be no surprising costs.

The BMW xDrive Technology